Hi there! I’m Mailin.

I’ve been relentlessly creating things since I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, and never truly stopped. After getting my Fine Arts degree at St. Lawrence University, I used my painting and arts knowledge in various capacities through several moves around the world and numerous jobs in the education, nonprofit, and tourism sectors. I’m one of those types that’s always in motion, and art has always been one of my constants and my greatest loves.

I am settled for the moment in Denver, Colorado with my partner and my cat. While creating art occupies much of my time, I find that getting outdoors, traveling, and trying new things are just as vital to my survival as drinking water and doodling. Getting out and about is where my creative inspiration comes from. I am constantly thinking about how I would translate what I see in the world around me into a painting that conveys the moment. Chances are that if you catch me staring into space, I’m mixing colors in my head. (It’s common.)

I’m thrilled to be sharing my journey with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments. I value my customers greatly, and appreciate the opportunity to meet new people. It’s folks like you who make it possible for me to continue to do this, so thanks for being here!

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